An ad for the Australian "Penfolds" winery, made with the my friend Alex from "Aggresive Productions" 

A promotional video done for "Aetna" while working with the team at John Mcneil Studio in Berkeley, California. I had a chance to learn Modo in the process, and worked on the rendering, composting, and some of the character animation.

Here are some VFX shots I've done for some indie productions in the Bay area

A trailer for "Vipo" Season 2. The animated series I worked on as a Character Animator.






An in-house short- "Round Six" done in Snowball VFX. I worked on the character animation.


A nice video I did while working at Pichpipoy Studio. This is an infomercial for the israeli elections of 2009. 

My character animation reel, I LOVE character animation, but as a freelancer,gigs in this field tend to be scarce.